Friday Facts: Bag of Chips, Bunco Squad

fridayfacts_icn:: Flavor of potato chips being eaten by Mayor Wilders in a photo on the front page of the News the day he unveiled the Mayoral Citywide Nutrition and Fitness Initiative: Utz Carolina BBQ

:: A correction- in last week’s Friday Facts, we incorrectly listed a 6-month subscription to The Evening Press as one of the items included in the gift basket for the first baby of 2008. The Evening Press instead included a free 6-week personal ad.

:: The bunco squad is looking for a faro bank which has been floating around bars in the eastern and northeastern sections.

:: Olympic sports for which this city has hosted trials over the years: Badminton, ping pong, fencing, handball, taekwondo, polo (horse), polo (water), figure skating, speed skating

:: City to which we lost ping pong this year: Philadelphia (?!?)
– RJ White

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