Halloween Briefs- Haunted Houses, Politics, Etc.

City Desk Icon:: As always, there are a smattering of haunted houses/trails/apple orchards/still-empty Service Merchandise stores/whathaveyous around the region, most of which close up shop as Wednesday night. The Central Corridor Jaycees, however, would like everyone to know that their “Thirteenth Floor of Terror” attraction will be running through this weekend, to give everyone a chance to get “their socks scared off, including their shoes,” as Jaycees spokesman Tom Watson emailed this week. Those with little regard for their socks can find the attraction at the Whitherspoon Building, in the 800 block of Main Avenue. Luckily for the Jaycees, leasing rates in that particular building have been soft for years. Unluckily for them, the Whitherspoon only has ten floors. The “Thirteenth Floor of Terror” is being held on the fourth floor.

Their “Holidaytime Wonderland” will open in the same space November 14, running through the end of the year.

:: Also on the subject of haunted houses- A friend wrote in about their trip through the “MeatHaüs of Horror,” set up at the old Robinson Provisions plant in the Meatpacking District. He’d taken the exact same route through the long-abandoned facility a month ago with a developer who plans to convert the building into condominiums.

:: This year’s city-wide trick-or-treat time has been expanded one half-hour, 5-6:30 pm, a slight improvement over past years.

:: According to a Journal-Clarion poll of local costume shops and Spencer’s Gifts outlets this week, the leading costume amongst young women? Sexy Bee, which did not even chart in last year’s polls.

:: In advance of next year’s mayoral race, the Good Government Citizens’ Committee (a Republican front organization) will be running full-page ads in tomorrow’s local papers, featuring a skeleton holding a scroll listing all of the “bone-chilling” reasons not to vote for Mayor Wilders’ party (the Democrats, of course), without actually using any political party names, for some reason. This is the third time they have done this in (an apparently not-very-effective) twelve years.
– RJ White

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