Friday Facts: Halloweeeeennnnn

fridayfacts_icn:: The plug has been pulled on the traditional giant electric pumpkin atop the 49th floor setback on the Chandler Building downtown. Vandals had redrawn the pumpkin’s face with triangular eyes and a gap-toothed grin that presented an uncomfortably near likeness of the mayor’s wife, Jean Arroyo-Wilders.

:: It remains illegal to sell or purchase candy pumpkins within city limits, owing to a 1998 ordinance dedicated to eradicating “marketplace confusion.”

:: For Tuesday and Wednesday night’s games at Fourth Financial Arena, the Cosmopolitans will be offering a discount to those wearing costumes which utilize pucks.

:: Number of local businesses with “Trick” in the name: 2 (“Ms.Tricks” Gentlemen’s Club and “Tricky Rickles Buffet-Style Steakhouse”)

:: Number of local businesses with “Treat” in the name: 4 (“Sweet Treats” confectionary, “Treats by Tina” cake designers, “Heavenly Treats” croissanterie, and “Ms.Treats” Gentlemen’s Club)

:: Number of local businesses with “Trick” and “Treat” in the name: 1 (“Tricks and Treats” Gentlemen’s Club)

:: Both “Halloween” and “Dia de los Muertos” are considered viable “floating religous holidays” for municipal employees.

:: Apparently, someone has, over the last week, been periodically calling the pay phone on 17th between Archer and Bergdon, saying You fool, Warren is DEAD” when someone answers, then hanging up.

:: Street musician Sylvester ‘Spooky’ Sherman is expected to test the new city ordinance prohibiting unlicensed public performance within 30 feet of any retail establishment by playing his 29th consecutive ‘Halloween Concert’ in front of the Arch Street Walgreens next Wednesday, October 31.
– David Andrews, Jon Morris, RJ White

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