Friday Facts: Graffiti, Flying Ravioli, Native Alabamans

fridayfacts_icn:: Adelmorst is the longest city street name with all the letters in alphabetical order.

:: Authorities still do not know who has been heavily tagging numerous Downtown, Central Corridor and Northside buildings with the phrase “Rock-n-Roll” over the last two months.

:: Number of barriers erected in the West Sugar neighborhood to prevent speedy “cut through” traffic: 14

:: Decrease in traffic infractions since barriers were erected last fall: 16 percent

:: Estimated damage as a result of the Sorini Refrigerated Macaroni truck driving through one of the barriers during a high-speed police chase, precipitated by a 14-month investigation into possible sales of “bad macaroni” to neighborhood children: $42,364

:: Cost to restore Stanley Hodges’ At Rainbow’s Edge (1972), a massive “elliptico Marxist” sculpture destroyed by the Sorini truck: $0 (“I will not let some macaroni shyster destroy the statement I bestowed upon West Sugar more than 30 years ago,” Hodges tells The City Desk. ” At Rainbow’s Edge will rise from the ashes on that solemn spot.”)

:: Of the 119 city residents killed or missing in action in the U.S. Civil War, all but two were fighting on the Union side.

:: 6.5 oz Coca Cola at airport vending in 1927: 5 cents
:: Construction cost for the city’s international airport (1927): $2.2 million
:: Equivalent in Cokes: 44 million bottles, or 286 billion ounces
:: 24 oz Bottled water at airport concession in 2007: $3.50
:: Scheduled airport renovation cost (2008 – 2011): 1.05 billion dollars
:: Equivalent in water: 300 million bottles, or 7.2 trillion ounces
– David Andrews, Craig Gaines, RJ White

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