Friday Facts: Mayors, Making Out, Meatloaf

fridayfacts_icn:: Clarence ‘Big Stan’ Stanton is the only mayor to be recalled (1910) in the city’s history, though it is widely believed that Mordecai M. Miller resigned (1877) to avoid the same fate. His successor, M. Seymour Haley, faced recall in 1879, but retained his office by a single vote. Both Haley and Miller died in a mysterious warehouse fire at the 17th Street Pier in 1887.

:: According to a poll by local youth blog CityTeenz, the three most popular places to “hook up” are: 1) under the bench in the middle of the Max Schmeling Garden of A Thousand Faces, found within the Jack Dempsey Memorial Statue Gardens; 2) in the greenhouse tool shed at Miles Muzio Memorial High School; 3) anywhere on the Great Lawn of the historic Fonda-Dodge House.

:: The poll, conducted during the week of Aug. 3, also found that it’s becoming popular among “extreme” young men to stick forks in their forearm.

:: Of the 216 area teens who took part in the poll, 78 percent said they “Want to get out of the City as quickly as humanly possible.”

:: Water levels in the central branch of the Ostahanoc River are at their lowest point since 1934. The river was, in fact, completely dry in August of 1934 due to the final phase of construction up-river on the Valley Vista Dam.

:: The producers of the locally cultivated Monet Cabbage (a dark-blue, baseball-sized legume edged with gauzy pink and white frills) have entered litigation today against the Gilroy, CA agricultural firm responsible for the cultivation of the Monet Pear (a dark-green, baseball-sized fruit speckled with pink-and-white ‘freckles’) on charges of “deliberately manufacturing confusion in the produce marketplace” between the two rather dissimilar food items.

:: Number of local businesses with “Belly” in the name: 3 (“Belly-Busters” Restaurant on Elmer St. and Avenue D; “Pink Bellies” suntan salon in the Civic Center Mall; and “Bellies,” low-impact fitness centers for expectant mothers, multiple locations)

:: After reviewing hundreds of entries over the last several months, it has been decided that the official name for the 50th Annual Meatloaf Festival being held at Mabel Tripp Gardens in late October will be called “Meatloafia!”
– David Andrews, Craig Gaines, Jon Morris

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