Friday Facts: Circles, Cameras, Stamps

fridayfacts_icn:: Road agent Peter Pascucci reports that construction crews will be working on the Canal Street rotary through the weekend. Motorists are reminded that, once completed, the rotary will be a traffic circle and no longer a roundabout. The changeover will occur at midnight, Sunday, after which entering vehicles no longer have to yield to rotary traffic but must obey all signs and traffic lights. High speed traffic should continue to use the right-hand lane if traveling east-west or north-south. Please be mindful of road crews and temporary signage.

:: There are five police-surveillance cameras posted throughout the city, in the following areas: the McShaw-Crankshaft Housing Project plaza, the 33rd Street Public Gardens, the Jefferson High School courtyard, the eastern wall of the Star-Lite Mart at Hayford and Oxford and the Jack Dempsey Memorial Statue Gardens.

:: The cameras, installed three months ago, have resulted in 17 arrests, 12 of which were for public urination, one of which was for usury.

:: The anonymous guerrilla public-action squad People for the People are suspected of obstructing four of the five cameras, except for the one at the Jack Dempsey statue gardens, since it’s affixed on top of a 37-foot cubist statue of Gerry Cooney.

:: City locations prominently featured on first-class U.S. postage stamps: 2

:: Prominent (deceased) city residents featured on first-class U.S. postage stamps: 2

:: Inventions or innovations associated with prominent city residents featured on first-class U.S. postage stamps: 0 …on 26-cent (postcard) stamps: 2

:: Due to Judge Maureen Despa’s ruling this week in the wrongful death lawsuit against the Pullman Memorial Zoo, their promotional slogan will be changing from “For kids from 2 to 92” to “For kids from 4 to 92.”
– David Andrews, Craig Gaines, Gutbloom, RJ White

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