Friday Facts: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

fridayfacts_icn:: The “Guess Your Weight” game at the Kowalski Piers Carnival (through August 6) was finally shut down Monday after repeated complaints; a statute barring such midway attractions was famously introduced in 1938 following an incident involving fat lady “Alice from Dallas” and has been fiercely enforced since.

:: Champion of the 11-and-under tournament at the Goh Kun Tae Kwon Do Academy on Algonquin Avenue: Jeannie Prince, only the second female champion since 1989

:: Attendance at last year’s “Roarin’ on the River” powerboat race, where there was a huge smashup on the last day which sent two boats flying inland, landing on the 200 block of Main Avenue: 10,219
:: Number of ads for this year’s race which used news footage from the incident (in which, thankfully, no one was badly injured): 3
:: Expected attendance for this year’s race: 25,000+

:: Pastor John Frank of Union Christ Church on Seventeenth Street and Halpine Terrace has requested that no more boxes of old clothes “and other junk” be placed in the parking lot near the facility’s back door. “Our dumpster seems to invite such behavior, but I encourage people to throw these things away themselves,” he said.

:: Number of potholes reported on Prince Stavros Ave. last week: 24
:: Number repaired since by city crews: 2
:: Amount by which the number of flat tires suffered on Prince Stavros Ave. declined this week, according to AAA: 4

:: Greatest number of consecutive days the official city high temperature exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit: 5 (1988)
– D. Andrews, S. Baker, R. White

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