Friday Facts: “The Flaming Rings,” Golf

fridayfacts_icn:: Number of injuries resulting from the “Magic of Sturly Davis” mishap at the Gloria Theatre Tuesday: 7 (6 serious burns, one broken ankle)

:: City champion in the Men’s 70-and-Over spring softball league: Needleman’s Kosher Meats, with a record of 3-0 (including one victory by forfeit).

:: Twenty-one deaths of city residents in the summer of 1988 were attributed to the heat and to the lack of adequate ventilation in several apartment buildings.

:: Number of municipal golf courses: 4
:: Number of privately-held golf courses, including country clubs: 14
:: Number of PGA Professionals holding membership at one of the country clubs: 21

:: Average cost for a single round of golf at a municipal course (2 players): $17
:: Average cost for a single round of golf at a privately-held course (2 players): $74
:: Average cost for an annual membership at a country club: $3,932

:: Average score at Verdant Greens: +9 over par
:: Korean sensation Minna Kim’s score at Verdant Greens: -12
::Pro Golfer Dale “Chum” Green’s last score at Verdant Greens: -9

:: Winner of the Parks & Recreation Department’s Junior Art Fair (July 7): Shelby Fairhaven-Steen, age 9, for her stone and construction paper collage “Autumn in the City.”

:: The city’s animal shelters have found marked increase in the number of stray American White Sheperds in the past month. This week 8 were collected, last week 6 and the previous week 1. Before that, no American White Sheperds had ever been picked up in this city. If you have friends or relatives known to own or breed this animal, Animal Control would very much like to speak with them.
– David Andrews, Shek Baker, Kevin Church

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