Friday Facts: Delays, Tags, Dial Tones

fridayfacts_icn:: This year’s Fourth of July fireworks display has been moved to Saturday, at 9pm, at Founder’s Pier.

:: Number of times throughout the years that the City’s fireworks display has been postponed due to the weather: 7

:: Estimated boost in attendance this will bring to the Lithuanian Pride Festival, which had already been scheduled to take place Saturday night at Founder’s Pier: 215%

:: Estimated damage to private and public property caused by the well-known tagger “Joey Ballgame”: $125,000

:: Rumored leading candidates for Ballgame’s true identity: Shamed former Deputy Police Chief Andrew Hotel, tenth-grade French teacher Jane Kapitzky, tenth-grader Lowell Thomas (Kapitzky’s rumored secret lover).

:: Joey Ballgame’s primary neighborhood of activity: The working-class neighborhood surrounding the underground mansion at Sutter’s Hill. Street lore has it that Ballgame’s ultimate goal is to tag the home’s sealed bottom four floors.

:: Northsiders who’ve suffered spotty telephone service these last four days can thank local newsmaker Kevin Sturgiss (Wonsley High Class of ’86). An unexploded grenade hurled by Sturgiss during his June 26 bank robbery misadventure lodged under the door of a telephone switch box on Garrick Ave. until it was discovered by several Hilworth Junior High students after summer school Tuesday, at which point it detonated, completely obliterating the sensitive telecommunications equipment.
– Shek Baker, Craig Gaines, RJ White

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