Friday Facts: Cognacgerie, cognacgerie, cognacgerie

fridayfacts_icn:: According to a poll of more than 2,000 city residents, the Beatle considered most likely to be a considerate, gentle lover: Ringo

:: The Copper Colombard, on 4th Street Lane and Annual Boulevard, claims to be the nation’s only mini-cognacgerie. The modest blue-and-white building offers more than thirty locally distilled cognacs, and was built in an abandoned Fuji Film Foto-Mat.

:: The original oversized plaster bowl of fake spaghetti – formerly held in the embrace of familiar Family Italiano icon “The Spaghetti Giant” – goes up for bid at this week’s Auction for Education. Proceeds from the auction go to provide school supplies for educational facilities in several underprivileged African nations, and also to repair the axles on seven local school district buses.

:: On February 3,1929 a meeting occurred between Chicago mob kingpin Al “Scarface” Capone and Roxboro neighborhood gangster Rory Sheehan at Mangini’s Bistro on Soldier Blvd. The exact topic of their conversation is unknown, but the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago’s Lincoln Park transpired just 11 days later.

:: Persnickety diners may want to be aware; the “Five-Second Rule” was adopted by Chief Health Commissioner Rudolph “Guy” Fenimore as an “acceptable standard of sanitary practices ” in area restaurants, according to a city ordinance which took effect on April 17th.

:: A proposal to turn the old Seibold Importers warehouse into the site for a Keets Harbor Aquarium has come before the city council nine times since 1986.

:: One proposal in 2002 included a reciprocal entrance fee arrangement negotiated with the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Local citizens can, in fact, get into Shedd Aquarium for half price with a Keets Harbor Aquarium membership card – if such a card existed.

:: Number of pirate captains wanted by American Maritime Authorities and who maintained legitimate homes and businesses within city limits during the 18th century: 70
– D. Andrews, R. Ingraham, J. Morris

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