Links of Interest- May 17

City Desk Icon:: TCD Contributor Craig Gaines has a piece in this week’s LA Weekly about the fires in Griffith Park.

:: Thirteenth Ave. Retail Market: 1965 [Shorpy]

:: New York in 1960 (1935) [Paleo-Future]

:: Gallery of Anti-Sit Technology [via BoingBoing]

:: A Note Placed in the Pay Envelope of Billy “The Piano Man” Joel [McSweeney’s]

:: Photos of Lansing, MI

:: The Undiscovered Bedrooms of Manhattan [BldgBlog]

So you get all these stories together and you make a radio piece out of it. A month or two later, it’s broadcast during rush hour, on a Friday night, as you want to give people something to think about over the weekend.
But soon commuters are pulling over to the side of the road and staring, shocked, at the radio – because you’ve given no introduction, and no one out there has any idea what this is.
Some guy found a boathouse attached to his apartment in Manhattan…?, one driver thinks.
But the stories keep coming.
There’s a skyscraper with a whole hidden floor…? someone thinks, momentarily amazed – before driving into the car in front of her.
A woman on the Upper East Side found what?
All along he had a basketball court behind the bedroom wall?

:: Also- if there are any good weblogs in the City which you think we should be checking out, please send them in.

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