Links of Interest – May 11

:: Propaganda posters from the Great War of the Californias. [MentalFloss]

The Great War of the Californias was virtually forgotten only months, actually only days, after it had ended, whenever that was. Its dates are uncertain, lost in a haze of mass hysterical amnesia over this traumatic collective memory, complicated by the compulsive viewing of reality shows on network TV. Fortunately for posterity, copious documentation of the Great War exists in the form of paintings, drawings, prints, and propaganda posters, as well as other artifacts

:: Neo-Ruins: Photographs of Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo [Wired]

Japanese photographer Hisaharu Motada envisions the radioactive and decomposing cityscapes of post-apocalyptic Tokyo in his “Neo-Ruins” series of photographs.

:: Contributor Kevin Church’s new comic, Cover Girl, is available at your local comic book store.

:: Spider-Man 3 cheeseburger. [copyranter]

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