Friday Facts: Adult Periodicals, Biscuits

fridayfacts_icn:: The city’s fourth largest selection of pornographic magazines for sale can be found at the newsstand on the 200 block of West Elm, across the street from Old City Hall.

:: Engineers attempted to use the old steel bridge (1897) over the Ostahanoc River at 19th Street as a framework for the concrete bridge that replaced it in 1988. Five workers were seriously injured before the bridge collapsed and the plan was abandoned. The nearby pedestrian bridge was refitted for vehicular traffic with a new steel framework at a cost overrun of 3.2 million dollars.

:: Number of 90-degree turns in 19th Street necessitated by the bridge’s relocation: Four

:: Number of city’s mid-20th century fallout shelters stumbled upon this week by workers demolishing the old Presbyterian Hospital: 2

:: Only foods not water-damaged and perhaps still edible: Jell-O mixture (165 boxes), V-345 Plain Unsalted Biscuits (296 tins)

:: Between 1981 and 1985 over 1,700 corner curbs were lowered in the downtown area to provide handicapped accessibility. One of the last to be altered was the corner of Lake and Covington Streets, directly south of the Mason-Altman Rehabilitation Center.

:: Floyd Aaronson, “The Human Pinball,” will be taking to the streets with his fifteen-foot wide, high-impact plastic “Pinball” for his fifteenth annual “Life-Size Pinball Game” in the Financial District on Monday.
– D. Andrews, J. Morris, R. White

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