Tiny homes, contd.

Gulliver Lane in Samson Heights was apparently not the only experiment with downsized housing in the Twentieth Century:

Lilliputia was a Utopian city of midgets that prospered within the confines of Coney Island’s Dreamland before the whole amusement park burned down in 1911. From what we’ve researched this place makes Dogtown seem like Pleasantville. Witness.

300 midgets from the traveling circuses and freak shows of the whole continent were offered a permanent experimental society within the park. As the city only needed to be half size of an ordinary city it was possible to build this utopian cardboard city on a small budget. It was complete with its own parliament, a beach with midget lifeguards, a midget theatre, stables with small ponies, and a complete midget fire department responding every hour to put out imaginary fires.

Read “Whither Goest Liliputia?” @ Gridskipper.

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