Friday Facts: Mayor Matthau, Cat Runs

fridayfacts_icn:: Number of wars memorialized at War Memorial Park10

:: This was the 57th year that the Senior choir from Central High performed at the City Hall tree lighting ceremony.

:: The tree lighting was was also the 57th consecutive public appearance at which Mayor Wilders made a joke about calling his “Old buddy,” Rick Mellers (Channel 6 meteorologist) and “ordering up some good weather.” It was also the 57th time an assembled crowd laughed politely.

:: Michael is the only Jackson sibling to have not performed at a venue in this city at one time or another. Tito has done so three times.

:: City parks with dog runs- 8

:: City parks with cat runs- 1

:: Walter Matthau once served as honorary mayor for a day, on April 10th, 1979. Jack Lemmon was specifically not invited to the ceremony.

:: This is the 23rd rainiest city in the continental United States.

:: Number of NBA teams who were wooed in the course of the planning and construction of downtown’s Fourth Financial Arena3

:: Number of NBA teams who currently make Fourth Financial Arena their home- 0

:: Number of minor league hockey teams who currently make Fourth Financial Arena their home- 1
– R. White

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