Thanksgiving and the night before

Tonight is the busiest bar night of the year, often resulting in several impromptu semi-reunions around the city. After the cut, a partial list as to which bars serve as gathering places for alumni from area schools.

:: Central South H.S. – Rafferty’s
:: Eastern H.S. – The Bell Jar
:: Woodrow Wilson H.S. – Level13
:: City High – T.G.I.Friday’s on Cantor Avenue (The one by the new shopping center, not the one by Laurel Park)
:: Stenton H.S. – The Elbow Room
:: Murrow Comm Tech – Typesetters’ Club (actually, they’ll open up to all former journalism/communications students for the evening)
:: St. Alban’s H.S. – Old Albie’s Tap Room
:: St. Therese H.S. – Manlio’s Sports Room and Grill
:: Cardinal Burke H.S. – T.G.I.Friday’s on Cantor Avenue (The one by Laurel Park, not the one by the new shopping center)
:: Logan H.S. – Shatterstarr
:: Hatfield Prep – Kegger at some guy’s parents’ estate in Wicker Hills

I hope this helps. I will likely be at home drinking, which is the safest bet, as you’re less likely to run into folks that way. Besides, you shouldn’t stay out too late, as the downtown parade starts at 8 am sharp tomorrow, unless there’s a rain delay. In that case, Channel 11 will be running national coverage of Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day parade, instead.
– R. White

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