The Blotter: Shots, Sheep, Sno-Cones

policeblotter_icnAs a public service, The City Desk periodically offers up selected items culled from recent City police reports. (Note: More violent, standard items do not frequently show up here, as they are covered in the local papers with regularity.)

9:45 pm
Corner of Simcoe and Newbury Streets: Officers from the 27th Precinct respond to reports of shots fired. Upon investigation, officers discovered that the sound was caused by a 1973 Ford Maverick owned by Edward Willis, 22, of 1785 W. 37th Street. Willis was issued $547 worth of tickets for safety violations.

2 am
1200 block of N. Merkel Street: A 20-year-old man was treated at Nilsson Hospital for a gunshot wound to the leg. Detectives were only able to locate the scene of the shooting based upon the victim’s blood trail. There has been no arrest and no motive given.

4:03 am
3800 block of Van Dam Street: Harbor Division officers arrest Summit Heights resident Hugo Allen, 34, for theft of services after attempting to walk out of the Harborfront Diner without paying for 3 cups of coffee, a cheese omelet, hash browns, four sausages, two stacks of pancakes, and four glasses of orange juice. Allen also had an outstanding warrant for $5,386 in unpaid parking tickets.

5:12 am
300 block of Bay Street: 17th Precinct officers respond to a call of a Journal-Clarion delivery truck from the parking lot of LeFleur’s Donuts. The missing truck, licence plate XTW-79J, is a 2007 Ford E-350 box van and contained approximately 5000 copies of last Friday’s Journal-Clarion and a CD of Polka Party with Frank Yankovic and Friends. The Journal-Clarion is offering a reward of $150 and a free six-month subscription for information leading to the recovery of the vehicle.

6:36 am
9800 block of Troon Road: Emergency Service Unit Truck 4 and ASPCA officers respond to multiple reports of sheep on lawns. Further investigation revealed that the 8 sheep that were recovered had escaped from the temporary petting zoo in Col. E. M. Studebaker Park.

10:15 am
Softball fields at Fairleigh Park: Between 10 pm Tuesday night and 10 am Wednesday morning, someone broke into a Parks Department-operated concession stand, stealing a Sno-Cone machine and five bottles of flavoring syrup (raspberry, grape, apple, cherry, bubble gum), valued at $1,700.

3:45 pm
2000 block of Fair-de-Lac Lane: Gas-powered lawn mower reported stolen from garage. Later discovered under loose brush at edge of property. The complaintant’s 12-year-old son was cited for making a false report, having hidden the machine himeslf, but was let off with a warning.
– Hoyt Schermerhorn, RJ White

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