Friday Facts: Budget Woes, FDR, Himmler Bay

fridayfacts_icn:: Estimated five-year city budget deficit awaiting Maribeth Cosgrove when she is sworn in as mayor on Monday: Over $650 million

:: Portion of the city budget in ten years that will have to be paid for pension and benefits, according to current union contracts : 61%

:: City union contracts up for renewal this year: Police, fire, administrative staff

:: When asked during an informal poll, more than twenty percent of respondents believed that the most physically powerful American president was either Teddy Roosevelt or George Washington. Physically weakest American presidents selected by the majority of respondents included Martin van Buren, John Quincy Adams or George H.W. Bush (though, surprisingly, not Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

:: The so-called “Gipsie Murals” were sand-blasted into obscurity on this day in 1960.

:: Memorial services for Laura Bonnie Tripp will be held this Tuesday at the viewing promenade at Mabel Tripp Gardens, the public parks facility named after her great-grandmother. The 70-year-old was better known as a former Playboy pin-up girl and third wife of local late night horror show host Count Film-Ula.

:: Until popular opinion forced the change in 1944, Mean Harbor had been originally known as ‘Himmler Bay.’ (It was officially declared a ‘harbor’ by a city council ordinance in 1967)

:: According to a city ordinance, any sculpture or painting defined as “Modern Art” must be judged “comprehensible” by a six-person jury of trade union officers before it is displayed in any public space.
– Jonathan Morris, RJ White

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