What You’re Voting For Tomorrow, Locally

That’s right, tomorrow’s election day and, in addition to the presidential race, there are also many local races and issues to be decided, in what is expected to be a day of record turnout. A few items which will appear on (most of) your local ballots follow:

Largely between incumbent Mayor Joseph Wilders (D) and longtime City Councilwoman Maribeth Cosgrove (R). Also running are Lewis Armstrong (Lib), Louis M. Armstrong (Green) and Leonard Pierce (Ind).

City Council
Races will be decided in Districts 1, 2, 5, 8 and 10, as well as in three of the seven at-large seats.

Municipal Court
of these slots are up for grabs. Choose at random or along party lines, as you always do.

Only one, of course. See “Municipal Court.”

Board of Education
Again, unless you know someone, close your eyes and point the little sharp sticky thing at two people.

:: A resolution to turn management/maintenance of 40% of the City’s parks over to a private company.

:: Approval of a $25.9 million bond toward “general infrastructure improvements.”

:: Measure that would make defrauding a restaurant a misdemeanor offense.

:: The allowing of liquor licenses in the currently dry district of Calvinton [Some background– third item].

:: Tougher enforcement of City noise ordinances, relying less on technical decibel meters, more on officers and neighbors being able to “earball it,” according to District 3 Councilman Oliver Wachtel. The premise being that if noise can be heard from someone complaintant’s property, then the offender is guilty. Fines would also be increased from $35 to $75.
– RJ White

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