BREAKING: Embattled councilwoman arrested on bribery charges


An 18-month investigation came to a head when City Councilwoman Elaine Brudnoy was arrested this morning for accepting eight bribes worth $9,250. Brudnoy, who has been on the city council for 19 years, allegedly accepted cash payoffs that ranged from $50 to $1200 during the investigation period. The largest was to help secure a piece of city-owned land for a megastore operated by the Adult Wonderland chain of booksellers.

One series of photographs held up by chief investigator Louis McGregor at a press conference this morning showed Brudnoy allegedly stuffing a $400 payment into her bra during a meeting with an informant at The Judge’s Chambers, a bar located directly across from the Federal Courthouse.

According to the 93-page affadavit, Brudnoy also brought her grandson to one meeting held in the parking lot of a Valu-Lvrs Discount Supermarket, where she received $125 to expedite the liquor license of a Snoco-Loco shaved ice stand.

Brudnoy has represented the Roxboro neighborhood she grew up in since taking a seat on the council in 1989, but lost in the Democratic primary to Elvira Chong-Suarez. This arrest may mean the loss of her license to practice law as well as a sentence of up to 25 years if convicted on all charges.
– Kevin Church

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