Friday Facts: Politics, Plumber, Pancakes

fridayfacts_icn:: Republican City Councilwoman Maribeth Cosgrove currently has a nine point lead over Democratic incumbent Joseph Wilders in polls released this morning in advance of the mayoral election.

:: City Treasurer Donald Munro reports that Mayor Wilders has spent $1,192 of his own funds on clothing during his current re-election campaign. An additional $29.95 in campaign clothing expenses was reported, purchased by an anonymous donor.

:: If you think showing up to a Halloween party this year as “Joe the Plumber” will show off your creativity and topicality, perhaps you’d better think twice. Local costume shop Alter Ego reports the ubiquitous everyman has been so popular as a costume, that they’ve been forced to back order “prop plungers, bald caps and prosthetic ass-cracks.”

:: This October 29 marks the 120th anniversary of Industry Island, an experimental community founded by the virulently anti-Catholic Rev.Callum Fry in 1888. The original community was disbanded in 1891, but the many parks and trails crafted by the Reverend’s community remains a popular destination for day-trippers.

:: City Marathon winners (men’s open division) by nationality since 2001: 3 Kenyans, 2 Mexicans, 1 Ethiopian, 1 Eritrean and 1 U.S citizen (Orlando, FL)

:: City Symphony guest conductors by nationality since 2001: 3 Germans, 2 Austrians, 1 Finn, 1 Russian and 1 Chinese

:: City Founder’s Day Parade Grand Marshals by nationality since 2001: 7 U.S. Citizens and 1 Canadian (William Shatner)

:: Number of pancakes served per attendee on average at each Autumn’s “Dia De Los Pancakes” celebration to benefit Sauncha County’s Volunteer Fire Department #76: Eleven

:: Average number of attendees per year since 1981: 12,150

:: Quantity of batter required to make 133,650 pancakes: 1,044 gallons

:: Number of rental trucks required to carry supplies to the Sauncha County Volunteer Firefighter Open Air Kitchen: 14

:: Number of chefs required to produce 1,044 gallons of pancake batter: 70

:: Additional amount of batter used for “Pancake Batter Belly Flop” contest: 30

:: Number of inflatable kiddie pools used for “Pancake Batter Belly Flop” contest: 3

:: Total cash value of the ‘grand prize’ for best “Pancake Batter Belly Flop”: Seventeen Dollars

:: Dia De Los Pancakes will be held on Saturday, November 1, from 7am to 7pm at the Sauncha County Volunteer Fire Department Community Center.
– David Andrews, Ray Ingraham, Jon Morris, RJ White

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