The Blotter: Monster party, pets in trouble, misc.

As a public service, The City Desk periodically offers up selected items culled from local police reports.

9:17 pm
200 block of Euclid Avenue: A 7-year-old girl reports to 911 that “monsters are knocking at my door.” Dispatch sends a cruiser to reassure the girl, only to find people dressed as Frankenstein and the Werewolf knocking on her door. Police interviews reveal a wrong address on a “Halloween-In-Summer party” Evite is to blame. The partiers leave and police calm the girl down.

9:26 pm
200 block of Euclid Avenue: The girl calls back, reporting more monsters. Police are sent back out to the house, and direct Freddie Kruger, 24, and Jason Voorhies, 25, to the right address, and again calm the girl.

9:45 pm
300 block of Pacific Lane: Baby with gun.

9:37 pm
200 block of Euclid Avenue: The girl calls again. A City Desk review of the 911 tape reveals the girl is hyperventilating while describing “a man with fangs and a black cape” at her front door. Police return, direct Dracula to the right address, post an officer in front of the house for the rest of the night, and take the girl into protective custody. According to the police report, she says her parents are at a Jimmy Buffet “Parrotheads” party.

10:42 pm
500 block of Karl Avenue: Police arrest Neil Levan, 32, for filing a false report after he tells a passing officer that the girl he’s with has “stolen his heart.”

2:18 am
25000 Industrial Access Drive: Massive warehouse explosion.

1:38 pm
800 block of Jarvis Street: Two men and a woman report their cars were apparently damaged by a hit and run driver in the parking lot of St. Norbert’s Church. Police are looking for a red 1974 Dodge Dart with the license plate LXI 483 in connection with the incident.

2:41 pm
Intersection of Hudson and Bergen Streets: Fire department reports theft of hydrant after routine hydrant check.

3:06 pm
2513 West Merton Drive, Oakhurst Section: Apparent murder/suicide. Five victims.

4:18 pm
2300 block of Lorimer Street: Several complainants of tires being slashed on parked vehicles.

4:26 pm
North River at Granville Street: Aviation and Harbor units respond to reports of a dog in the river. The dog was rescued by Aviation Unit officer Alex Drake and is recovering at the ASPCA.

5 pm
300 block of Peachtree Lane: City police and a representative from dispatch arrive at the home of Muriel Goshen, 87, bearing cake and balloons to celebrate her 100th 911 call since her husband, Jack, passed on three years ago. Some of Goshen’s notable calls have included a noise complaint about a birthday party for her 8-year-old neighbor, a report of “another Kraut blitz” during the annual air show, and an allegation that city employees performing routine maintenance work to gas lines were attempting to dig a tunnel into her basement to “steal all of Jack’s tools.” Goshen, confused and frightened by the group of similarly dressed people outside her home, makes her 101st emergency call, screaming at the operator, “The United Nations is trying to break down my door!”

6:13 pm
500 block of Audubon Avenue: A man reports the theft of a stop sign. The Department of Transportation was contacted and replaced the sign.

7:43 pm
3000 block of Western Avenue: Officers respond to silent alarm at Bruno Hardware. A large cat was found stuck in an air conditioning vent on the roof and rescued by ASPCA and Emergency Services Unit officers.
– Craig Gaines, Hoyt Schermerhorn, RJ White

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