Smorgasbord: The First Forkful

The wait to get into star chef Marlon Picard’s latest venture has become legend in the city’s food circles, with the opening night having been booked a full nine months in advance of the room’s opening. Sadly, The City Desk’s staff has yet to actually dine there, but the gorgeous bar offered what could only be described as heaven in a martini glass with the Danny Tenaglia, one of six cocktails named after the superstar DJs that played the opening party. The guests leaving the dining room all had a smile on their face, so hopefully we’ll get to experience the offerings in full soon.
2983 9th, in the Flotilla Insurance Plaza | Reservations Required

Porky’s BBQ
Could this be the barbecue joint the city’s been desperate for since the closing of Jonesy’s? Sadly, no. The ribs were too dry, the brisket burned beyond recognition, and the barbecued chicken, a perennial favorite, had the consistency of gummi worms. Not even fantastic garlic-herb mashed potatoes and cornbread we’d strike our own mothers down for can save this mess.
987 Wagoneer Avenue | No Reservations

Chingy McChongerson’s
While the name may be cringe-inducing, the fare at this Irish-Chinese fusion joint surprisingly exceeds all of our culinary expectations. The first impulse is to scoff at menu items such as the appetizer featuring egg rolls and a Guinness reduction sauce, but executive chef Seamus Wang (no, really!) wins guests over quickly with high-quality, playful fare. Recommended: The heart-attack-inducing Kung Pao Beef Stew and General Gau’s Fish and Chips. Skip: The desserts. Instead, go next door to Eskimo Pete’s and partake of his new Mexican Hot Chocolate sundae.
18th and Myerson | No Reservations
– Kevin Church

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