Ex-Candidate Ron Paul Dis-invited

City Desk IconFormer presidential candidate Ron Paul was scheduled to give a speech this Wednesday at Watson University for several student political science classes, but the event has been canceled.

Watson Students for Poli-Sci (WSPS) had booked the Congressman (R-TX) to come and speak back when he was still in the race, but hoped that his exit from the campaign could still serve as fodder for an instructive talk. The problem came last week when the group began to circulate a last round of press materials promoting the campus event. In the press release, WSPS publicity committee head Ian Sandborn (class of ’09), made a reference to “Rep. Ron Paul’s failed presidential bid.”

Once the release began to be circulated, that sentence was all it took for scores of Ron Paul supporters to begin a deluge of phone calls and emails to the Watson University Student Affairs office, Student Activity Board, Administration Office and to Sandborn’s apartment. Threats of protests, threats of contacting university donors and even threats of death resulted. At one point, even confused administrators over at the Community College were contacted about the release.

After consideration by administrators and the WSPS, Rep. Paul’s invitation was rescinded, citing safety concerns and what was termed a “lack of educational value at this point.”

In Sunday’s Journal-Clarion, Ian Sandborn said- “Someone called my parents, telling them they raised a failure. I didn’t really care at first, but that was too much. They’re insane. No wonder they call them ‘Paultards,'” he said, using a popular colloquialism for Rep. Paul’s often overly fervent supporters.

Libertarian mayoral candidate Lewis Armstrong was also quoted in the article lamenting the dis-invitation, as the city really has not had “a good conversation about the gold standard in years.”
– RJ White

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