Wanted: New City Slogan

City Desk IconMayor Wilders will announce at a press conference today a competition to create a new “city slogan,” sponsored jointly by the Valley Regional Tourism Commission (VRTC) and the Chamber of Commerce. The competition is part of the VRTC’s promotional “Silent Nights, Bright Lights” holiday campaign, the details of which will also be announced this afternoon. Entries will be accepted beginning Monday, December 3, and are due by the end of the current calendar year, Monday, December 31. All entries must be submitted in person or by facsimile only (no e-mail or text message submissions accepted). The submitted slogan should contain no more than 25 words, and should “reflect positively on the city’s history, culture and vibrant sense of community.” Finalist prizes include free meals at local restaurants, donated items from local stores, and travel vouchers for free trips within the continental United States. The slogan selected as the Grand Prize winner will be featured prominently in a new advertising campaign promoting tourism in 2008. All entries will be time-stamped on arrival in case of duplication. City employees and their families are ineligible, and slogans used previously will not be considered.

If you do not live in the area and want to try your hand, simply email us and we’ll fax it in for you.
– David Andrews

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