Friday Facts: Damnit, Jim

fridayfacts_icn:: City sci-fi fans, your annual heartbreak is once again at hand. Organizers’ attempts to book a local Star Trek convention have been rebuffed by the City Council for the twenty-third consecutive year. Vociferous Councilwoman Marge Heath led the charge once again, stating unequivocally that “you freaks will have to go elsewhere for your geek fix.”

:: Number of city venues that have been fruitlessly considered for Star Trek conventions over the years: 11

:: Number of those venues that have been demolished, destroyed by natural disaster or closed down during the 23-year streak: 5

:: Venues most popular with organizers over the years: Pierpoint Docks Convention Center – 5 attempts (including this year), Nabisco Arena (previously Chevy Chase Bank Sportsplex, Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter Garden and Norman J. Kowalski Arena) – 4 attempts, Airport Courtyard Marriott – 2 attempts.

:: Convention organizers are blaming “The Photon Torpedo Pranksters” (seventh item) for hampering their efforts and engendering anger within city government.

:: Other, similarly-themed conventions and exhibits which have been allowed permits recently: CosGenSciAniCon, “Star Wars: The Magic Of Myth” (exhibit at Watson University Science Museum), Asimov!2004

:: There Are Three Lights! Comix and Games, in Fulton Village, is apparently named after some Star Trek reference.
– Shek Baker, RJ White

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