Friday Facts: Unlucky No. 13, Powerless

fridayfacts_icn:: Northside residents can expect an extra unlucky Friday the 13th today, as electrical power will be cut off for up to two hours in order to repair a transformer on the corner of Garrick Ave. and Riggins Rd. The device was damaged June 26 by would-be bank robber Kevin Sturgiss when he hijacked a city bus and drove it against traffic during rush hour in an effort to evade the National Guard roadblock set up on Clark St.

:: Number of buildings Downtown which skip the 13th in their floor numbering: 2 (The Ansfield Meats Tower, The Walker Consolidated Bldg.)

:: Duration of Tuesday’s partial power outage, affecting the Central Corridor/Downtown, Keets Harbor, North Falls and Roxboro areas: 5 hours, 33 minutes

:: Number of times the entire city has suffered a complete electrical power ‘blackout’: 3 (1967, 1987, 2003)

:: Number of times the blackout originated inside the city: 1 (1987)

:: Number of raccoons electrocuted in a centrally-located transformer leading to 1987’s city-wide blackout: at least 1, possibly 2

:: Amount of electricity needed to kill approximately 2 raccoons: definitely less than 22,000 volts
David Andrews, Shek Baker, RJ White

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