City loses hummus title

City Desk IconFerran Habash may be out of the record books for now, but he’s confident he’ll be back. Habash is the owner of Ferran’s Middle Eastern Restaurant (429 Kerchavel), until recently the world-record holder for World’s Largest Vat of Hummus.

In July of 2003, Habash and his staff prepared 3,300 gallons (15,000
of hummus in an above-ground pool that the restaurant rented and
assembled in the parking lot adjacent to the restaurant. Only about 1/3 of the hummus was actually eaten by locals attending the event before the hot July sun rendered the remaining amount dangerously inedible (and decidedly malodorous).

The record lasted for nearly four years until last Saturday, when Sinbad’s
of Charleston, SC prepared an enormous 7,432 gallons (13,000 liters) of hummus in a not-yet open for the season city pool during the Taste of Charleston Festival.

“The record is ours now and forever,” said Sinbad’s Delight proprietor Muntasir Al-Fulani. “And we didn’t even use cheap chick peas like those skinflints at that place up north. Only the best!”

Habash scoffs at Al-Fulani’s boasting. “You’ll see. We’ll be in the
record books again. We’ll beat that record as soon as I can decide what
to put all that hummus in. A whole bunch of cement mixers maybe? Does it
all need to be in one thing to count?

“Ah, don’t worry, I have a line on a few things,” says Habash, recovering. “We’ll get that record back here. If not, I have some interesting baba ganoush theories I’ve been kicking around.”
-B. Brockie

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