Friday Facts: Hugs and Kisses, Matilda

fridayfacts_icn:: Between 1975 and 1988, city-wide legislation prohibited the use of the words “New York” or “Chicago-style” in describing foodstuffs.

:: Our city was home to the next-to-last surviving Passenger Pigeon, Matilda. Matilda passed away August 22, 1914.

:: Number of businesses within the city limits with “Hugs” in its name: Three (The “Bun Huggs” clearance jeans outlet store, the “Huggable Hounds” pet salon and ”Hugs Hugs and More Hugs” creative gift boutique)

:: Number of businesses within the city limits with “Kisses” in its name: Seven (including “Cuddly Kisses” custom made teddy bear emporium, “Mrs. Kisses” children’s daycare, and “Kisses” gentlemen’s club)

:: Number of businesses within the city limits with “Hugs and Kisses” in its name: One (“Hugs and Kisses,” bed-and-breakfast operated by former “Ballad of Billie Jean” actress Helen Slater and her husband Kevin)

:: The human population of the city surpassed the cattle population in 1856.

:: The “Photon Torpedo Pranksters” make an annual one-night event of painting Star Trek uniforms on statues around the city (don’t worry, the Pranksters make sure to use washable paint). This year, targets included painting the statue of Pinnochio at Mabel Tripp Gardens’ Wonderland Walk to resemble Enterprise engineer Geordi LaForge, tinting the fiberglass cow outside of City Hall in the colors of an original series medical officer, and – as usual – the bronze statue of President William Taft in Mabel Tripp Gardens painted to resemble James T.Kirk’s Starfleet Academy tormentor, Finnegan.

:: The Digital Clock Wall at Mabel Tripp Gardens contains more than twenty-five hundred digital clocks, ranging anywhere from an inch to several feet across in size, and many coming from as far away as China.
– D. Andrews, J. Morris

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