Friday Facts: Eggs, Monodirevr, Stripper Parkas

fridayfacts_icn:: This Saturday is the 34th annual Last Year’s Easter Egg Hunt at Whittinger’s Park. The Greek Gardening Consortium insists that they hid more than 12 eggs and that if the rest aren’t found there will be no 35th annual Easter Egg Hunt at Whittinger’s Park.

:: Acts of violence committed against actors dressed as “Ronald McDonald” since 1980: 17

:: Acts of violence committed against actors dressed as “The Hamburglar” since 1980: 12

:: Acts of violence committed against actors dressed as “Birdy the Early Bird” since 1980: 30

:: Apples are the third most popular fruit currently sold at Haspiel’s Produce.

:: When asked, in a 2006 Evening Press poll, which insect they’d be most willing to eat “if worse came to worse,” the majority of the respondents preferred “crickets.”

:: Jumbo, P.T. Barnum’s famous elephant, visited the city seven times before he was killed in a locomotive accident in 1885, and once after.

:: Exotic dancers are required to wear jackets during the Winter season, according to a 2002 city ordinance, as part of a concerted effort to reduce instances of cold and flu.

:: A regionally-produced version of the popular board game Monopoly incorrectly spelled “Moondriver Blvd” as “Monodirevr Lvbd.”

:: The city’s original mounted police force was disbanded in 1970. It was reformed in its current incarnation in 1992.

:: The Dog Run at Mabel Tripp Gardens features a colored concrete map of Northern Europe as it existed during the Napoleonic era, as well as a timeline of the Little Emperor’s assorted battles and conquests. There is also an interactive water feature (visitors are politely requested to not squirt the dogs).
– D. Andrews, K. Church, S. Jones, J. Morris

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