Friday Facts: Slaughterhouse, Partridge, Megatron

fridayfacts_icn:: On Monday, Chief Health Commissioner Rudolph “Guy” Fenimore sent a press release reminding hungry citizens that the city’s three-year long ban on open air barbecue restaurants ends this Saturday. Blowout celebrations are currently planned at Roy’s BBQ, Captain Jack’s Rib Shack, Shiney’s, the Thai Barbecue House (which will be removing its temporary tarpaulin after closing time on Friday evening), and South Street Jimmy’s, among others.

:: Think you know which building has the greatest number of floors on the west side? If you said the First National Bank building, think again! It’s actually the Richards Center at the corner of Willow Avenue and 5th. Despite its stunted appearance the building, a former slaughterhouse, has five sub-basements!

:: According to a 2006 poll, more residents of the city are worried about red ant infestations than possible corruption at City Hall.

:: Charles Medfield has run Medfield’s 24-Hour Cheesery continuously for over 60 years. It has been closed only once, during the birth of his third child, Marilyn.

:: Animal Planet filmed 3 episodes of the series Animal Cops in the city in the summer of 2006, but the project was canceled and the footage never aired due to the death of an associate producer with the show from an ocelot attack.

:: Singer/Songwriter Andy Partridge of the musical group XTC has specifically requested in his will that he be buried under Wonderland Walk in Mabel Tripp Gardens, but only if his death occurs prior to the year 2020.

:: Hipsters and nerds take note- Local Gotta Dollar? Gotta Deal! stores are flush with original 1980s Transformers Trapper Keeper folders, after a liquidator found thirty cases in a warehouse in northern New Jersey.

:: The city was once home to the largest ball of purple yarn in the western hemisphere. This unusual tourist attraction was housed in the basement of the Zimmer Building, and admission was 12 cents. The ball of yarn was finally disassembled in 1918 to contribute to the war effort. Purple strands can still be seen in military bedding from the time.

:: Local horror show host Count Film-ula declared a five-year “hiatus” from his show on this date in 1997. He currently creates chainsaw sculpture art and declines all interviews.

:: The city’s community garden features grape vines that have been used each year since 1939 to produce three to five bottles of wine that are auctioned off for charity.

:: Theodore Roosevelt’s famous Bull Terrier, Pete, passed away during his visit to the city in 1910.
– D. Andrews, K. Church, S. Levinson, J. Morris, R. White

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