Not In Tournament

For the 29th consecutive year, none of the area’s colleges or universities made it into the NCAA tournament or NIT. Our condolences, but at least for the 30th anniversary next year, there should be some sort of dinner or party.

As everyone is probably busy with their brackets today, here are some links:

:: Complete Mini-City – Photos of a very detailed miniature city, part of “the largest HO model railroad layout in the world.” [via]

:: City Desk contributor Brodie Brockie is a finalist in a contest to become a guide for a day at Disneyland. Watch his video and vote for him here.

:: Contributor Leonard Pierce has started writing for’s film weblog, Screengrab.

:: A new episode of the “Hudson and Gaines” radio program has been posted online.

:: Unbuilt Moscow, at Paleo-Future.

:: Eisenberg’s in Pictures, at Lost City.

:: Gridskipper points to New Yorkers fretting about gentrification. They should be so lucky over there.

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