Friday Facts: Dives, Ambulation, “Also-Ran Arthur”

fridayfacts_icn:: Munson’s Drugs on the corner of 33rd and Arlington has been in a long-standing dispute with the city concerning signage used each March and 2007 looks to be no exception. The Munson’s March Madness event advertising features a cartoon of Charles Manson standing atop a stack of dead and mutilated bodies, declaring “You’d have to be insane to go anywhere else!”

:: This city’s historic preservation association was the first in the country to have a specific designation for “dive bars.”

:: Lonegal’s Tavern, 3167 Walstreth Avenue, has Tom Waits’ complete catalogue on its jukebox.

:: In the waning years of prohibition (1931-1933), forward-thinking organized crime heads here in the city had already directed their efforts toward pinball rackets.

:: Miles of bike lanes- 7

:: Proposed miles of added bike lanes under the City’s “2020 Vision: Transportation, Conveyance, and Ambulation Planning for the 21st Century”- 12

:: A sampling of the various types of riots the city has had over the years: Student Riots (1966-72), Race Riots (1967-70, 1985), Food Riots (1913, 1917, 1954), Newsseller Riots (1926), Garbageman Riots (1954, 1977, 1981, 1990), Taxicab Riots (1949) and Lightbulb Riots (1921).

:: In what has become a tradition, perennial mayoral candidate Arthur Borden announced his candidacy for the city’s top slot fourteen months before the primary at the city library branch bearing his great-grandfather’s name (the L. Arthur Borden II branch, on Kennesaw Street, near the SavMart). This was the fifth time Mr. Borden has done so.
K. Church, C. Gaines, R. White

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