Friday Facts: Snow, Frozen Fish, Kegglers Welcome

fridayfacts_icn:: Amount of snow predicted by NBC12 meteorologist Teri Park in this week’s “potentially devastating blizzard”- 16-22 inches

:: Amount of snow which actually fell in the “potentially devastating blizzard”- 5 inches (City Airport), 5.25 inches (NWS office at Erdman College)

:: Number of fistfights at area supermarkets in the course of snowfall preparations, according to police- 6

:: A widely ignored city ordinance stipulates that fur coats may only be worn when the temperature (but not the wind chill) falls below 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

:: The winter storm forced the shutdown of every one of the city’s 38 dance schools, academies and -aterias.

:: This week’s winter storm not only brought record-breaking low temperatures, but marks the third time that Whittinger’s Pond, the glass-walled product of the City Rebeautification Initiative’s “Living Aquarium” program, has frozen solid. Once again, charitable aquatic and aquacultural organizations are urged to contact the Chamber of Commerce if interested in contributing to the repopulation effort.

:: Number of bids to host The Super Bowl- 1
:: Number of Super Bowls hosted- 0

:: Number of bids to host NCAA Final Four- 2
:: Number of NCAA Final Fours hosted- 0

:: Number of bids to host The Olympic Games- 2
:: Number of Olympic Games hosted- 0

:: Number of bids to host NCAA Basketball Tournament Regionals- 5
:: Number of NCAA Tournament Regionals hosted- 1

:: Number of bids to host World Cup Soccer matches- 0
:: Number of World Cup Soccer matches hosted- 1 (1994 – relocated from Orlando, FL due to Tropical Storm Alberto)

:: Number of PBA sanctioned bowling tournaments hosted- 57 (between 1959 – 2005)
– D. Andrews, C. Gaines, S. Jones, R. White

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