Friday Facts: Meanwhile, at the Pioneer Square Strip Mall

fridayfacts_icn:: Sister city featured on municipal signage on December 6, 1941- Mihara City, Japan

:: Sister city featured on municipal signage as of December 9, 1941- Newcastle, England

:: Hanna-Barbera animator Clark E. Pantuso reportedly modeled the design for the Super Friends’ Hall of Justice on the Pioneer Square Strip Mall, at the corner of SE. South St. and Summer Blvd. The strip mall is currently home to a martial arts academy, an adult education annex of the YMCA, and an Olive Garden.

:: Protestant churches for every Catholic church (2005)- 4.1

:: According to Industrial Planning Magazine, stop lights in the city are 22% “pinker” than the national average.

:: Uptown boasts seventeen thoroughfares named after alcoholic beverages, including Martini Blvd, Gin Street and Calle Margarita. The Central Corridor is home to storied Tom Collins Ave. Teetotallers, however, may prefer to tread the non-spiritous footpaths of Temperance Square, located in the south-western corner of Mabel Tripp Gardens.

:: Lowest city unemployment rate (1998)- 3.7

:: Highest city unemployment rate (1977)- 10.2

:: Number of Buick Roadmaster Rivieras (Two-Door models) buried as “time capsules” around the city in a promotion for a local auto dealer in 1955- 5

:: Number of these which have been subsequently found or whose locations have been accounted for- 3

:: There were no Boy Scout troops in the city from 1972-1984 thanks to the locally-founded Little Rangers paying the mob to put the muscle on any attempted organization by the former.
– D. Andrews, B. Brockie, S. Levinson, J. Morris, R. White

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