Friday Facts: Only Eight So Far (Fingers Crossed)

fridayfacts_icn:: For the fourth time in ten years, the number of homicides is equal to less than half of the days in the year at this point. Police Commissioner Nelson Apperbee will be holding a press conference to celebrate this Monday afternoon, on the assumption that it will not be a “bad weekend.”

:: Some of Die Hard With a Vengance was shot here, a scene with frightened people running past an alley next to the Warsaw Deli on 18th Street. It was a second-unit shot, the alley is out of focus and the scene has three seconds of screen time. Apparently, the alley looks suficiently New York-esque when blurred.

:: The latest first accumulating snowfall- March 2, in 1968

:: The earliest first accumulating snowfall- October 4, in 1988

:: Number of books written about these facts by local television meterologists: 3
– R. White

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