Friday Facts: It’s a type of purple

fridayfacts_icn:: Twice a year, under an assumed name, architect Frank Gehry sets up an office in a strip mall on Watson Glenn Road and consults with homeowners for $25 an hour. He uses the name “Arthur Gilgreen.”

:: The men’s room at the Halpern Club has three urinals which are rumored to have come from the Texas School Book Depository, purchased for $30,000 at auction.

:: Number of people who showed up for a rally to save the historic Lansdale Theater, to be torn down in April- 22

:: Number of people who showed up to audition for an eating contest promoting an upcoming local televised cooking show- 2,855

:: Starting in February 2007, due to a contract with a new supplier, tickets issued by the Parking Commission will be puce.

:: We fared rather well in a recent ranking of the literacy rates of American cities.

:: Both of the city’s serious bids to host the Olympic Games, though decades apart, were derailed primarily due to publicity arising from separate scandals involving the sale of scrap metal.
– R. White

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