Friday Facts: He did not stumble while he was here

fridayfacts_icn:: President Gerald R. Ford visited here nine times, none of which were during his presidency.

:: This year’s ceremonial New Year’s baby will be Peter Alan Hargroves, age one and a half, son of Rose and Michael Hargroves. He will handed to the Mayor at Sunday night’s ceremony by this year’s ceremonial old man, portrayed for the third year in a row by Harlan Edwards, age 68.

:: As of this writing, no running of hoboes out of town on a rail was deemed necessary this year.

:: The American Society of Professional Industrial Chemists (whose troubles were covered earlier) were finally able to determine that the organization’s initial meeting place 100 years ago was, in fact, the old Stratford-Dorsey Hotel. They will not be holding the annversary banquet at the Wendy’s.

:: Though census figures show a decrease in the city’s human population over the last thirty years, Animal Cotrol officials estimate a 200% increase in the population of dogs & cats.

:: Number of calls made to this year’s Santa Line, sponsored by Whitestone’s Department Store- 28,983

:: For those interested in watching, this year’s city Christmas tree will be ground into mulch starting at 11:30 a.m., in the rear parking lot of the Faulkner Municipal Maintenance Facility, 1233 Park Street. Hot chocolate and coffee will be provided for spectators. This year, they’re leaving the tinsel on.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who’s read and contributed to The City Desk over its first three months. I’d like to wish all of you a happy new year and hope that you’ll be back in 2007.
– R. White

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