Friday Facts: Arby’s, Old Sparky, Pope Pius Ate Here

fridayfacts_icn:: The city’s first legal execution was in 1843. The last was in 1922.

:: For a few years, after the West Side Prison was decommissioned in 1953 and turned into a community center, the old electric chair was used as Santa’s throne for the annual Police Athletic League Annual Children’s Christmas Jubilee. It was covered with red fabric.

:: The state’s first Arby’s opened here in Sheperd Park, in 1968. It is still open.

:: Number of popes who have visited the city- 4

:: City Council members indicted in 2006- 0 (so far)

:: Number indicted in 2005- 3

:: The current hit Broadway revival Hat Full of Maybes originally premiered here, at the old Pullman Theatre in 1961.

:: City Council is considering a zoning rule for next year to no longer allow giant inflatable Christmas decorations to be exempt from outdoor advertising regulations.

:: Only one person from this city has ever been elected governor.
– R. White

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