Friday Facts: Mayflies, Murder, Geese

fridayfacts_icn:: Number of outdoor cafes in the Downtown & Central Corridor in 2006: 115

:: Number of outdoor cafes in the same area before the mysterious seven year mayfly “problem” ended, in 1990: 2

:: Of the thirty-five tests conducted by the City Elections Commission on new electronic voting machines delivered this week, the number failed: 30

:: Percenatage of city precincts which will be using the new machines next week: 78

:: While the city comes in twenty-third among American cities for the number of murders per capita, it comes in eighth among murders committed by people who are left-handed.

:: Number of alligators living in city’s sewer system: 14 (unofficial; by eyewitness accounts)

:: Attendance at this year’s Haunted Halloween at Mabel Tripp Gardens: 3,871

:: Record attendance at Haunted Halloween: 42,796 (1988)

:: Number of years that Haunted Halloween has been hosted at Tripp Gardens: 34

:: Winner of this year’s “Best Costume” prize: Young Obi-Wan Kenobi

:: Winner of the first “Best Costume” prize: Dirty Old Man from Laugh-In

:: Number of Canadian Pitchfork Geese in this year’s petting zoo: 50

:: Decibel level of fifty captive Canadian Pitchfork geese: 130
– R. White, B. Brockie, J. Morris

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