Friday Facts: Real Human Skin, Itchfinger Yardling, Hats Blocked

fridayfacts_icn:: Number of businesses that still offer hat blocking: 3

:: Television pilots shot here: 11

:: How many of these which were picked up for a series: 1, “Colt & Hammer,” a police drama that ran as a midseason replacement in 1978 on ABC.

:: Mayors who have shot someone while in office: 2 (John Overholt, in 1890 and Hatcher Yardling, III, in 1982)

:: Baxter Park is not named after a person, but rather a military maneuver which was named after a person.

:: The Main Library’s special collection contains three books bound in human skin. One of these is an edition of Charles Dickens’ “David Copperfield.”

:: Streetlights in certain areas of the city are still controlled by a barely audible beep broadcast twice a day by WKVD.

:: Ten Downing Street, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and 123 Sesame Street are all actual addresses here in the city.

:: The original bill of sale for the first plot of land that was to become this city lies in a leather-bound portfolio in Records Storage Room 433 in Old City Hall.
– R. White

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