Link: Boing Boing on Eisner’s New York works

City Desk IconAt Will Eisner’s New York – like Jane Jacobs in graphic form

This is a glorious book. The longer pieces — “New York,” “The Building,” “City People,” “Invisible People” — are fully-formed things, whole stories that manage to put an entire novel’s worth of feeling into a few short pages. The vignettes are executed with such a deft hand and such a keen observer’s eye that they achieve nearly as much, sometimes with just a panel or two.

This is like a graphic version of The Death and Life of Great American Cities, the kind of thing that documents the unseen and all-important symbiosis that humanity achieves with the largest organisms on the planet: our cities.

Yes. I’ve only read a bit of this, but will definitely have to pick up the whole collection. Chances are, if you like what you see here, you will probably enjoy this.

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