Next on Just One More Thing: “Murder with Too Many Notes”

Billy Connolly! Film scoring action! A rusty elevator! Tuxedo rental clues! We’re getting close to the end, with Season Ten’s McGoohan-directed “Murder with Too Many Notes.” Joining in will be author and film archivist Jenny Hammerton (Cooking with Columbo).

One thought on “Next on Just One More Thing: “Murder with Too Many Notes”

  1. Two impressions of this episode from when it was first broadcast: There’s no explanation for why Columbo latches on to the killer, which bugged me through the whole thing, and the one thing I remember liking about this episode was seeing the victim’s murder having a effect on his girlfriend. At least “Columbo Likes the Nightlife” followed this, and “Murder With Too Many Notes” wasn’t the very last Columbo.

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