Next on Just One More Thing: “Double Exposure”

As things begin to wind down, the ol’ podcast starts running up against a few lasts. This time, it’s our last Robert Culp episode, “Double Exposure”! In this one, Culp uses a lethal combination of caviar, subliminal film editing and bullets to get rid of a troublesome client. The special guest will be Jeannie Vanasco, author of The Glass Eye.

12 comments on “Next on Just One More Thing: “Double Exposure”

  1. I hope Jon or R.J. can shed some light on the mystery of Tanya Baker, the woman who is mentioned more than once but never seen in the episode… yet is credited as Arlene Martel, also known as Spock’s betrothed T’Pring, as well as for having appeared in two other Columbo episodes.

    1. My guess is that her scenes were shot but not included, which is a shame because I really love Arlene Martel. And as we mentioned in the episode, Tanya Baker is a name Cannell returns to in Rockford Files, so I assume that puts us both shows in the same universe now…

  2. Aw, the end is near…including this forthcoming one, the only episodes left are (in TV age order)…

    Double Exposure
    The Conspirators
    Murder : A Self Portrait
    Uneasy Lies The Crown
    Strange Bedfellows
    A Trace Of Murder – the 25th Anniversary Special
    Murder With Too Many Notes

    By my reckoning, this selection will cover the best to the middling to the atrocious
    of Columbo. At least two of these remaining are copper-bottomed classics, and a couple (wonder which?) are rotten. But looking for to the final eight pods, and please try to get Rich Massara back one more time – he’s fantastic.

    1. Note to self, Richard Massara occasionally writes comments under the name “Jason Brown” …

      Actually, we love Richard, and his episodes are always a blast. We should find a way to include him on our way out, I’ll chat with RJ about it …

  3. I hope a mention is made of Robert Culp’s banana yellow bikers jacket. Surely he didn’t buy that in the Men’s section?

  4. You may have already answered this elsewhere, but is it possible to see the hosts of the Scottish Columbo podcast invited as guests?

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